Anni (FI) is a movement artist and stage performer, researcher and a teacher, working and creating as an independent artist in Berlin. In her practice she combines elements from contemporary dance, somatic disciplines, meditation techniques and eastern movement traditions in order to build an experiencescape of sensorial and intentional clarity. Her work has a distinct emphasis on the characteristics of attention, integrity and patience, all of which become palpable through the expression of the body and the sphere it inhabits and shares. Deconstructed motion, gestures and speech merge together in a heartbeat of perception.

Her current research is immersed in the field of real time composition, a practice that uses the tools and sensitivity of improvisation as a means to create performances indeterminate by their initial conditions. Performance is a process of becoming, where each moment presents what is happening and informs the emergence of the next moment. Anni lives and works through questions, using the body as her material and as a means to investigate what is left when we are stripped from beliefs, opinions and dogma; the stillness at the core of all that is transient. 

In her teaching, Anni emphasises strengthening the mind's capacity for attention in order to perceive the subtleties within the body. The focal point lies in creating on open alertness, where the body is free to create without being controlled by personal likes and dislikes. Actively (re)constructing the constantly fluctuating reality brings clarity to intention and presence, serving as the ground out of which each action arises. Simplicity is key, silence is everything.

"Living in a world where the story of separation is the dominant one, fortunately there is still dance.

Dance is the space where we can all meet and move according to the heartbeat of our own truths.

All transformation starts with patiently observing internal movement."