& movement arts

Originating from Finland with a base and roots in Berlin, Anni weaves the corporeal and the poetic into a terrain of reflection. With a movement background ranging from dance through embodiment studies to contemplative practices, she constantly lives in the dynamic motion between the known and the unknown. It becomes palpable through the expression of the body and the sphere it inhabits and shares. Deconstructed motion, gestures and speech merge together in a heartbeat of perception. 

Working solo as well as collaboratively with other performers, musicians and visual artists, Anni composes the body in space, light and soundscapes with delicate nuance and great attention to detail. The senses and the senselessness of them. Movement of and in the space, rhythm, time as the unfolding of events is what she has her eye and gut on. By constructing a space where movement, speech and sound can co-exist, support each other, disenchant one another, separate and dream each other onwards, the work invites the witness to suspend all certainty by demanding the patience to stay with the unfolding of events. Instead of searching for a specific answer, the process of asking itself is the guiding thread in making and perceiving. With the door left wide open for the unknown to walk in, the dance stays alive and keeps showing different aspects of itself. Whatever doesn’t walk through the door is still included and part of it. 

In her teaching, Anni emphasises strengthening the mind's capacity for attention in order to perceive the subtleties within the body. The focal point lies in creating on open alertness, where the integration of attention, intention and sensation emerge into an embodied present. A dynamic navigation of motion and stillness brings awareness to how one is attending to the process itself. 

"Living in a world where the story of separation is the dominant one, fortunately there is still dance.

Dance is the space where we can all meet and move according to the heartbeat of our own truths.

All transformation starts with patiently observing internal movement."