To feel stuck seems to be one of the most common contemporary diseases. We feel stuck in our jobs, in our relationships, in our patterns of thought. Now we feel stuck because of covid-19. The organizations we work for are stuck in their past, their processes and their dependencies. 

While we are facing enormous challenges such as climate change and a global pandemic, it becomes even more apparent that our societies have a hard time letting go of the kind of thinking that got us where we currently stand.

Yet we cannot ask the question “how move onwards from the state of feeling stuck” without asking what sort of a future can we imagine moving towards to? Perhaps it is that imagination itself that can provide us with the key to more ease and flow. Therefore we must give the body the permission to dream.

Research shows that thinking does not only happen in the brain, but in the entire body. We embody knowledge. For the development and imagination of more meaningful futures we need to explore and spread awareness to the inner wisdom constantly present in us. We need to learn how to bring it forward and integrate it into our understanding of the world.

In this workshop we will cultivate the knowledge residing in our bodies. Through somatic exploration, improvisations and short debriefings we will go deeper into the relation between intention, imagination and action. By constructing a space where imagination, movement and thought can support and cultivate one another, we learn how to physically and mentally navigate from the present moment into a more sustainable and desirable future for ourselves and our communities.

Workshop is guided by Anni Lattunen and Martin A. Ciesielski and it's available as an online or in-person format. For more information, please contact Anni.

VOICES from previous sessions

“We invited the body into the future, not at all easy, the whole thing moved a lot in me, raised many new questions and broadened my thoughts into unknown territory. Very exciting field!”

„Giving the permission to dream" was a wonderfully inspiring and relaxing evening full of practice and exchange at the invitation of Anni Lattunen and Martin Ciesielski. travelling into the future, feeling the wisdom of the body, the breath and specially the heart space. it opened spaces to listen and learn: "you cannot move into the future and leave your body behind."