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The natural intelligence of your body is always striving for greater balance and health


Biodynamic Craniosacral Bodywork - Embodied intelligence

Biodynamic bodywork (BCST) is a restorative modality that uses gentle touch to support you in safely reconnecting with the body and help you process stress and overwhelm contained in your nervous system. The work is deeply aligning for your physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing and very effective in helping the connective pathways of your body communicate better. BCST provides a space for you to explore arising sensations and emotional tones in a slowed down, regulated way. Resource and resilience are brought by a nuanced awareness and witnessing of who we are, where we are at and how we unfold.

For health to reveal itself, all we need
to do is to persistently show up for it.

Hi there!


I'm Anni, a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral practitioner in Berlin, Germany. In my practice I support my clients to connect with their potential for health and cultivate embodied resources, resilience and vitality amidst all life circumstances. This wonder of how we constantly unfold into our embodied capacities is the gravitational axis of all the work I do. I am passionate about assisting people to come into relationship with this deep intelligence of the body and its expressions of wholeness in our everyday lives.

I speak English, German and Finnish. 

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