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During the first months of our embryonic development, breathing is a rhythmic, tidal phenomena happening everywhere at once. This environment is where health first claims our cellular being as its playground and there we still find it. Health is constant and exuberant and as we come into an embrace-full relationship with it, with more ease it may express itself in any circumstances.

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BCST is a gentle and restorative form of bodywork that uses light touch and deep listening to the health in the body and how it expresses itself. In this work, releases and shifts are initiated from within the body, rather than mechanical interventions by the practitioner. 


The body has a natural intelligence that is subtle and constantly striving for greater balance and wholeness. Through the practitioner's quietly listening touch and presence, as well as your own awareness of your embodied states, we are in relationship with this intelligence and the intentions expressed by it. What remains unprocessed in the body-system, may it be tissue damage, chronic pain or emotional overload, may be processed in an environment of safety. 


A deepening into nuanced embodied presence is constantly encouraged by connecting to the felt sense of the moment. This allows an intimate witnessing who we are, where we are at and how we unfold. New pathways to a greater sense of resource and resilience open and take root in our nervous systems. 

  • BCST addresses the very roots of your symptoms held in the nervous system. It helps the connective pathways of the body work and communicate better, which affects not only the physiology, but the mental and emotional aspects of you holistically. 


  • A BCST treatment activates and brings you in relationship with the natural resources of health within, promoting greater vitality, ease and sense of wholeness throughout the entire you. It is a great tool for anyone wishing to pause and reset amidst the bustle of everyday life and connect deeper with one's feelings and sensations.


  • Whenever trauma and overwhelming past experiences held in the nervous system emerge during a session, they are met in a contained way and always in relationship to resources and safety. This allows a present-moment reframing of old stories into experiences of agency. 


  • Embodied awareness of sensations and emotional states explored in treatments promotes the capacity to stay with difficult sensations, without needing to run away or reject them. We cultivate the capacity to stay present and live our lives more fully, as ourselves. 

* Please note: BCST is a non-diagnostic, health-supportive modality and does not equal to nor substitute a medical treatment.


In the initial consultation we will take time to get to know one another and I'll learn about your history as well as your wishes and intentions for our work together. This is followed by a hands-on session during which you will lie on a massage table fully clothed. I will first guide you into contact with present moment awareness and help you orient to a sense of wellbeing.


Only after this will I make contact at different areas in the body according to the needs of the unfolding process. Physical contact will always be negotiated together with you as feeling safe and respected is essential in this work. 

First session is 75 minutes long and regular, on-going sessions 60 minutes. 

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Photos (c) Alex Zampini

At its very foundation, what BCST offers is a space where people can, in all their complexities, be met by another and by themselves. This allows us to become more resourced to greet what is actually happening in our lives with the quality of integrity, regardless of whether we think it should or should not be happening. We all need to be seen, acknowledged and met as who we are. It is essential in order for the imagination of life to blossom in us, deeper and once again.

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