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In this 1-day workshop we will give space for you to experience the complex and fascinating world of our embodied intelligence. We will use physical exercises, embodied and cognitive reflections and theoretical impulses as ways to deepen into the knowing within. We will look at every day practical possibilities of applying and using your embodied intelligences for a healthier, more creative and resourced life. Through this inquiry we nourish the capacity to stay present and connected amidst the challenges we are facing, both individually and collectively.


Embodied futures - How we move into the unknown


January 27th 2024, 11.00-16.30

March 2nd 2024, 11.00-16.30

April 13th, 2024, 11.00-16.30

At Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

You can reserve your spot at Eventbrite, or write Anni directly. 

With ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence being the topic on everybody’s lips today, it is becoming more and more essential to look within and ask: what about other forms of intelligence? What about the intelligence within your body? Your intuitive, emotional and social intelligences - how do we experience them and connect with them? 


At any moment, the smartest thing in the room is the intelligence within our bodies. This kind of intelligence is not only in our heads, but distributed through our whole being. Tuning into our embodied intelligence supports us to use a much wider capacity of our sensing abilities and truly helps us to bring sense-making back to the senses where it belongs. Our emotions together with our felt sense and thinking mind and help us to navigate the dynamic complexities of our times.

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