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I am Anni, a Biodynamic practitioner living in Berlin.

I grew up in the northern country of forests and lakes, and although having lived for almost a decade in Berlin, the Finnish landscape is intrinsically woven with my inner landscapes. Initially I trained as a dancer and worked professionally for several years. Through my training I was able to create an intimate connection with the body, discovering only through injuries and pain how that connection was often quite unwholesome and based on control rather than collaboration. I had to be reminded on the importance of actually listening to the needs of my body. And what the body was asking for was a pause; time for nourishment and recovery. I started exploring more somatic practices such as Feldenkrais and Body-Mind-Centering and got more and more curious about somatic movement as the first language of the body.

Around this time I also encountered Craniosacral work. Not having any clue what it was about, I went in for my first session.  I can't remember exactly what happened during, but the feeling after I remember well. It was as if somebody had turned the light on in some very hidden corners of my body and woven new pathways across different areas in the body.

After receiving a few treatments, I noticed some radically positive shifts taking place in my life. It was subtle yet profound; a simple of state of ease and vitality. My relationship to pain started to change and the stories around it to shift, allowing me to see a bigger picture. It was such a relief! More health was surfacing from the pockets in the body where it had been held before. I was able to be more present, for myself and others. I became more curious and filled with wonder of the nuanced landscape of my internal world.


Having now completed my certification training for Biodynamic Craniosacral work (Body Intelligence, 2022), this wonder is still the central axis of my practice. We contain so much, and regardless of the life circumstances we are facing we all have the capacity to grow in connection with health - to walk the path towards greater wellbeing and integration. Receiving support and nourishment on a deeper level are essential on that path. 

In my practice I meet people from all walks of life and keep my doors open for anyone with the curiosity to explore the embodied landscapes of their being. I also facilitate movement and embodiment workshops on a regular basis in and outside of Berlin and am an assistant tutor for Body Intelligence Craniosacral practitioner trainings. Since 2023 I am a certified health practitioner (Gesundheitspraktikerin) by the German Association for Alternative Medicine (DGAM). 

I continue to be active in the fields of dance and performance. You can visit my performance portfolio here

A flicker of a flame, the irresistible regularity

of a beating heart.

The motion of the mind in the cellular.

The expansion of the being into the question.

It can be beautiful, effortless, rough

and confronting.

It can be the motion

of stillness.

All transformation starts with patiently

observing internal movement.

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