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Anni Lattunen

Everything you know and everything you

don’t know is contained within your body. 

Movement is a sign the two are having

a dialogue, and, once you pay attention

to what is being said, it turns into a dance.

I am a Berlin-based biodynamic bodyworker and movement artist with roots and lineage in Finland. I fell in love with movement at a young age, and this love has led me to explore dance as art and a form of expression as well as somatic movement as the first language of the body. This love expresses also in my profession as a bodyworker; the subtle forces of health express as motion and delight, when being noticed. 

As a craniosacral practitioner I am a dedicated listener to the health and wholeness that is constantly seeking to express in us all. I was compelled to study the practice after noticing the radically positive shifts taking place in my own life after receiving only a few sessions. It was subtle yet profound; a simple of state of ease and vitality. I was experiencing less pain as my relationship to and stories around it started changing. I was able to be more present, for myself and others. I became more curious and filled with wonder of the nuanced landscape of my internal world. It was the sort of qualitative shift one experiences when the wholeness within is expressing and being heard. To be heard is to be healed, and in craniosacral bodywork all the layers of the human being are heard and met in a safe, attentive way. 


The depth and nuance of embodiment are fundamental in my choreographic practice as well. The performances become a terrain for reflection woven by the corporeal and the poetic. It becomes palpable through the expression of the body and the sphere it inhabits and shares. Deconstructed motion, gestures and speech merge together in a heartbeat of perception. 


Working solo as well as collaboratively with other performers, musicians and visual artists, I compose the body in space, light and soundscapes with delicate nuance and great attention to detail. By composing a space where movement, speech and sound can co-exist, support each other, disenchant one another, separate and dream each other onwards, the work invites the witness to stay with the unfolding of events. Instead of searching for a specific answer, the process of asking itself is the guiding thread of creation. With the door left wide open for the unknown to walk in, the dance stays alive and keeps showing different aspects of itself. 

Anni Lattunen

Living in a world where the story of separation is the dominant one, fortunately there is still dance.

Dance is the space where we can all meet and move according to the heartbeat of our own truths.

All transformation starts with patiently observing internal movement.

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