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Dear Client,


In the following I would like to inform you about the general working agreements to which I am committed. They have been developed by my professional association (BfG/DGAM, the German Association for Alternative Medicine). They take into account, among other things, the applicable legal regulations.


The purpose of my practice is that you find your personal paths to health and ways to actively shape this path. I accompany you in this process of the unfolding of your abilities. You and I are involved in promoting health, together.


The main emphasis of my work is to promote relaxation and vitality and to promote personality development and individual unfoldment.


The method I use in the practice is Biodynamic Craniosacral bodywork.


Principles of cooperation


For me as a health practitioner, the principle of personal responsibility and free decision applies. You decide how far you want to go in experiences and exercises. The principle of personal responsibility also means that if you have a mental or physical illness or disability, you are encouraged to consult with professionals beforehand and, if necessary, shape your active participation accordingly.


My qualifications and training cover the consideration of general precautions, but not the recognition of specific risks.


You should know and keep in mind that even during gentle exercises and practices, physical and psychological stresses may arise. In spite of your and my caution, reactions and complications can arise that make medical or therapeutic treatment necessary.


I do not diagnose diseases and illnesses or treat them and this should not be expected from me. If we talk about diseases or illnesses during the work, this is always done in order to expand knowledge or to make the connection to the health supporting work clear.


Our liabilities


We determine the scope of work in a preliminary meeting, as well as the fee. Our agreement can be terminated by you at any time, as well as by me.


If I terminate the cooperation, there will naturally be no costs for you. In case of a premature termination by you, the following costs will arise for you:


During a work period 50% of the fee rate; in case of short notice cancellation without rebooking (less than 24 hours before a session) 100% of the fee rate.


I have a duty of confidentiality towards third parties regarding the occasions and contents of our cooperation.

Looking forward to our creative co-operation!

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