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butemporary caravan

citytour with the shadows of old and new

Butemporary Caravan is a memorial journey reflecting the social, cultural and political situation of artists in Berlin from a historical perspective, focusing on the current state of the independent arts in the divided city. A collective of performers, shattering the boundaries between life and art, Butoh and contemporary dance, guides the audience beyond spatial and temporal borders through a marathon of improvised site specific interventions.

Starting from in front of ALTE MÜNZE on the first day, the very center of the city, and finishing at Studio K77 on the last, traveling on different pathways including streets, parks and public transport, we will visit and explore a variety of locations across the city. Some are established institutions and some are memories of old project houses and squats, others are surviving cultural spaces hidden beyond mainstream or already institutionalized venues for performance art. Every day a new tour reveals new and old places. A statement on the current Gentrification.

Butemporary caravan is a project produced by AMALGAM Collective in the frame of Performing Art Festival Berlin / 28. May until 2. June 2019 /

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