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nothing in common

2019. From the moment you unlock your screen or step out of your front door, extremes speak the loudest. Polarities are constantly fighting each other in search of truth that is certain and immutable. It seems like we are unable to understand and listen to each other, because we have nothing in common. Although we seek the like-minded, even there we find oppositions, ambiguities, frictions and uncertainties.

In the first performance-event of the school of nothing, Anni Lattunen and Martin A. Ciesielski immerse the spectator in a world where different languages, movements, emotions, gestures, stories and histories come together to co-exist in a space where nothing lives and breathes through the various expressions it has. Everything is built in the moment in which all relations can thrive, not despite the fact that they have nothing in common, but exactly because if it.

Movement, music, spoken word:

Anni Lattunen

Martin Ciecielski

Steve Schofield

With support of Monopol Berlin.

photos: Laurent Hoffmann

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