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QARRTSILUNI is a voyage to the empty space between the old and the new, charged with potential to be either actualised or unrealised. The pulsation of waiting bears in its motion the gentle inevitability of uncertainty. The quiet intimacy of the physical structure extends through the gap of speechlessness into language that thrills and radiates. Containing a pacific as deep as the ocean, the author deliberately dives into the vacuum between the stories to compose a dimension where doubt and the absence of clarity are the building blocks of clarity itself.

Press material:

Trailer by TanzForumBerlin

Text by ada Studio's writer Johanna Ackva


Concept and performance: Anni Lattunen

Artistic support: Katharina Greimel

Premiered in September 2019 at ada Studios in den Uferstudios.

photos: Aïsha Mia & video stills from documentation by Walter Bickmann

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