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Calm is an unconditional power.

Its most valuable asset is the might of perseverance.

It has a quiet authority that shows itself as a resource in the midst of turmoil, or, eventually, as an unspeakable ease at the finish line.

Calm always points to the path of least resistance by making you fully fluid.

It provides you with a map of the internal territory so you’ll always know where you are.

It is of radial time and has access to a perspective beyond the speed of cause and effect.

Often, it speaks with a whisper that can be the loudest thing you’ll ever hear.

A weaving happens with calm.

Weaving of timelines, lifetimes, polarities, worlds, all the various landscapes we inhabit.

Calm negates neither exhaustion or pain, but supports all things by including them.

It burns with the wildness of the world and sings with the patience of the seasons.

Always there, at the centre, as your axis, waiting.


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