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thoughts on motion

1. Movement is equivalent with change.

Change is the single purest definition of life. What is not changing, isn't.

2. Change manifests as the visible as well as the unseen.

3. The movement you see is in constant dialogue with movement you cannot see. By participating in the dynamic relationship of polarities, an active navigation between the known and the unknown emerges.

4. The unseen is always showing itself in subtle ways in the world we can perceive through our eyes. Yet most of the time we don't perceive through the eyes, but through the entirety of the physical body.

5. Movement reveals the essence of the hidden without ever asking for interpretation or validation. It gives us the possibility to explore how the ancient, mythological is weaved together with the contemporary.

6. Movement carries endless varieties of form.

Despite its manifesting in form, it is not a specific form, only a specific invention of time and space.

7. It can have equally many varieties of intention, always feeding and being fed by imagination. Each movement is a fusion of action, intention and imagination, yet one cannot be separated from the other. Movement in human beings is the body’s way of articulating itself as well as articulating intentionality.

8. Motion makes it possible for the personal to become universal and vice versa. It creates room for observation and empathy by constructing a space and inviting other bodies to enter.

9. A flicker of a flame, the irresistible regularity of a beating heart, the motion of the mind in the cellular. The expansion of the being into the question. It can be beautiful, effortless, rough and confronting. It can be the motion of stillness. It is intuition, knowing without knowing, dancing it's way towards nowhere.

10. For any dance to stay alive, it requires the door left wide open for the unknown to walk in at any moment. Whatever doesn’t enter through the door is still a part of it and included.

11. The silent pulsation of waiting is brought onwards viscerally by the rhythm of time. There is a point where opposite directions greet; and you are always there.

12. Repetition doesn’t exist. Each action has identity that cannot be reproduced. Different time, different movement. Trying to copy or imitate the movement from before compromises the ingenuity of the movement right now.

13. When all else fails, remember the vitality of gravity.

Push, pull, resist, yield, lift, skip, hop, jump, sit still and listen.

14. Words are slowed down motion.

15. To dance is to give the body the permission to dream.


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