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towards health and wholeness

We contain so much. The awe-inspiring mystery of aliveness leaves no one alone. Some of our muchness is conditioned through learning and patterning from family, culture, environment - all the imprints of experience in this specific life. Included are the evolutionary traces of our lineage. Contained within our fields is also what may be named the unconditioned, the forces that are constantly at work in us, guiding us towards the depths of our wholeness. If we can be held in a space that acknowledges this multitudes of ourselves, a healing of a profound subtlety may take place. Sometimes it is as simple as noticing the way ahead of us is splitting into two and recognising our ability to choose which path to take.

One of the most fundamental experiences for humans is the experience of touch. It is how we have explored our surroundings, gathered information, and been soothed into the cradle of safety. Our gestures speak so much more than our words ever can. I am here, I see you and I welcome you; all of you. The gesture includes an acceptance of how things are, with no desire for them to be any different. A biodynamic practitioner offers this light, listening touch combined with a compassionate, non-judgemental presence. This relational touch acknowledges the whole person and the needs presented. Perhaps closeness, perhaps expansion. In the vastness the body may delight in the uncontainable extending way beyond the boundaries of the tissue-body.

The memory from our earliest beginnings still swims within us as we dive deeper into the sea of life. The forces that formed us in the early environment are the ones still in charge of our growth into wholeness. We all grew from a single cell that started dividing itself, multiplied into layers of cells that started differentiating into organs, blood, tissue, the nervous system. Motion in this environment is fluid and so is growth. Breathing is a rhythmic, tidal phenomena happening everywhere at once. This environment is where health first claims our cellular being as its playground and there we still find it. Health is constant and exuberant and as we come into an embrace-full relationship with it, with more ease it may express itself in all and any circumstances. A skilled practitioner is able to orient to this original health and the qualities it expresses and aid the client connect to a sense of wellbeing in the present moment. Health is an essential guide on the path towards greater integrity and resilience.

The body teaches us how past experiences live within and how we can listen to their expressions through our felt sense. While engaging with what haunts us in a well-regulated pace, we engage in the process of making the unconscious conscious. With each unfolding layer more light can shine through us into the world. The rocky shores and sharp edges of trauma and conditional forces may be softened by the persistent coming and going of the tidal flow. When this tidal motion becomes more readily available for us to express, the potential of life starts manifesting to its fullest again. The stories of separation and disconnection become less and less compelling. There is a profound truth to be discovered in the light of your own wholeness. We contain so much, and are contained within a vast, subtle field of interaction. When listened to with great attentiveness and care, it may grace us with the gift of perspective.

At its very foundation, what BCST can offer is a space where people can, in all their complexities, be met by another and by themselves. We become more resourced to greet what is actually happening in our lives with the quality of integrity, regardless of whether we think it should or should not be happening. As simple as that, but no small matter. We all need to be seen and acknowledged for who we are and need spaces in our lives where this can happen. It is essential in order for the imagination of life to blossom in us, deeper and once again.


Photo (c) Gidi Farhi


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